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Are You Spending More Time in The "Burnout Loop" vs the "Creation Loop"?

Whether you are CREATING a business, an artwork, a building, a family, there are 5 essential stages in ANY action of creation that will SAVE you from the "Burnout Loop" and help you STAY in the "Creation Loop" - making awesome stuff, living up to your creative potential and loving it!

Meet Michelle.

Michelle Falzon has had a 3-decade career in marketing & communications, building a number of multi-million dollar businesses in the areas of film production, advertising, events and strategic content marketing. She is also an in demand speaker & mentor and a content strategist for some of the world's most successful thought leaders. The co-presenter of the Marketing Success Mastermind and Content Sells Podcast, Michelle's biggest role is as Mum to two teenagers.

For years people would ask her how she managed to output high levels of work, both in terms of quality AND quantity without burning out.

And while that wasn't always the case (she definitely burned out more than once over the last 30 years!) that question led Michelle on a 5-year journey exploring her own creative process - what was she doing in times of "optimal creation" that was different to those times when she DID burnout? Plus she also examined the process of other high achievers in a range of areas from health, business, finance and relationships.

The result is the Create Without Burnout framework.

Michelle Falzon